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hand shapes in different glaze techniques



My name is Jose Brugman and I have been active in the ceramics world since 2015. Before this I was also involved in creative things such as drawing, painting, needlework and also working with fimo clay (a very different branch of sport).


In 2015 I started a course with ceramist Lenie van der Laan from Zwaag and from that moment on I was sold. I was captivated by the clay. My children have left home and I was able to sacrifice a bedroom to make a studio in it. Add music and have fun. I also did a course on turning on the potter's wheel, but my heart really lies with hand moulding. I can express more of myself and my creativity in this. I also like to combine ceramics with other materials, especially with wood (driftwood and grape stumps), as can be seen for example in the workpiece 'Hollandse Nieuwe'. Wood and clay, both formed by nature and super fun to show the connection.


In terms of glazes, I like color, but I especially prefer the raku firing. The latter because it is a 
is an unpredictable process and it is very exciting what the end result will look like.

I often make my latest combinations with old iron scraps and occasionally work with a real blacksmith.  That again offers a lot of possibilities. Every time new ideas pop up and I'm going to try them out.


Time has now passed and a “real” studio has now been built for me. Now I can get started.  


Oh yes, and the name Joostkeramiek……… husband always calls me Joost…

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